Tabenisi is the name of a spiritual settlement and a spiritual Aschram in the Altai mountains.



Here, the first representatives of the humanity of the future have unraveled the secret of immortality and created a New World, in which truth, justice, beauty and love rule. Here is no greed, violence, destruction and egotism, no need and no suffering, no poverty and no unemployment.


Everyone, independent of his age, sex, nationality or religion, can participate in this New Creation and learn


to acquire immortality and thus to transform into a New Man


and, wherever, in which material circumstances he dwells, to live in the New World.



Experiment Immortality


Please watch a short introduction to "Experiment Immortality", our project to attain immortality and to create a New World:







All Videos of the Series "Experiment Immortality" you find here.


The text of these Videos you can read here.




The New World


New Men create a New World, in which there is no poverty and no unemployment:


Video „Tabenisi - World without Poverty and Unemployment“






Text of the Video „Tabenisi - World without Poverty and Unemployment“



All Videos of the Series "The New World" you find here.


The text of these Videos you can read here.



Living in the New World


Everyone of you can live from one day to the next in the New World, become a member of our community and a citizen of Tabenisi. For this, you do not have to reside physically in the Altai mountains.


Tabenisi unites people above and beyond the limitations of time and space and the borders of countries and nations to a spiritual community, which establishes at various places all over the world outposts of the New World.


In the age of the internet and of communication via Skype we can work together across large distances and practice our habits and spiritual exercises in common.


The New Man and the New World emerge above all in our consciousness. They are not bound to a certain place or certain material conditions. They become a reality everywhere, where men transform into immortals and live according to the rules of a new, higher culture.


Wherever you stand, you can become an immortal and express:


„I, too, am a Tabeneser!“


Wherever you live, you can establish an outpost of the New World and express:


„Here, too, is Tabenisi!“



Visit to the New World


We invite you to visit the New Creation. Everyone of you recognizes: It cannot go on like this, neither in the private nor in the public area. Look for yourself how we can do better:


Visit to Tabenisi